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Thursday, January 07, 2021

A Study of The Gospel of Mark

 I wrote a new book and it is on Amazon now! Both in Kindle and paperback.

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Saturday, July 27, 2019

I Wrote a Book from the best of this Blog

This book is the result of twenty years of teaching Sunday School. My whole world changed when I began teaching Sunday School. Not just because I learned so much in my preparations, but I was always listening for more things to share, reading things with an idea of what I could pass on to others.

I read once that a good sermon should answer the question: Why is it urgently important that we talk about what we’re going to talk about? And if it doesn’t answer this question, then you are giving the wrong message.

My purpose with this book is to tell the truth about God, to inspire people to move deeper into their faith, to show that God has already clearly told us His will in the Bible and to glorify God.

This book is a series from lessons I’ve taught and devotions I’ve shared; divided into ten sections. People may read it straight through or do one section or even just one devotion each day. I hope this will bring them closer to God and that they also will want to go out and share what they’ve learned.

Get the book in Paperback format

Get the book in Kindle format

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Book Review of The Spiritual Gifts Handbook

I just finished reading The Spiritual Gifts Handbooks by Randy Clark and Mary Healy.

if you are like me and think of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as being: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Faithfulness, Self-Control, Gentleness, Goodness and Kindness this book will be eye opening.

In using scripture and testimonies from past and present the authors discuss words of knowledge, healing, prophecy, tongues and miracles. They say that these aren't just happening in places like Mozambique or by saints, but by anyone who is baptized by the Holy Spirit.

The authors then tell us how to activate those gifts.

A very interesting read! 

I was given this book by Chosen Books for my honest review.

 The Spiritual Gifts Handbook by Randy Clark and Mary Healy

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Book Review of The Road Home

I just finished reading the book The Road Home by Beverly Lewis.

I was interested in the book because I heard the author speak at our library. And I've never read a novel with Amish characters before.

I enjoyed learning about their culture which was weaved into the story line. And I especially enjoyed how the characters talked about God with each other. He was obviously the priority of their lives.

A sweet story with wonderful characters!

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Book Review of 936 Pennies

I just finished reading 936 Pennies - Discovering the Joy of Intentional Parenting by Eryn Lynum.

I don't have little children anymore, but after reading this book I'm passing it along to my daughter who has a two-year-old.

The author Eryn Lynum is raising her boys exactly how I wish I had raised my child. With her time and presence, setting a good example with her own priorities and especially her focus on God.

The 936 pennies represent 1 penny for each week we have our children from birth until they are 18. As a mother of a grown child I know how fast those weeks pass and also how you can't get them back.

I highly recommend this book to all moms and grandmothers!

*I was given this book by Bethany House for my truthful review.

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Book Review of Singing the Scriptures by Julie Meyer

I was at a party once when the host put on a TV theme song album (yes it was a long time ago!) and everyone started singing the songs word for word, even though the shows had been off the air for years. So, I get what Julie Meyer is saying in his book "Singing the Scriptures: How All Believers Can Experience Breakthrough, Hope and Healing". If we sing the scriptures, we'll remember them. I just think she could have done it in less chapters. Even with the testimonies scattered in it seemed like she was repeating herself a lot.

After each chapter she suggested the reader go to her You Tube channel which is what you really need to see how to do it.

I gave it 3 stars for the idea, but I had to force myself to keep reading it because of its redundancy.

This book was given to me by the publisher for my honest review.

 Singing the Scriptures...


Sunday, April 01, 2018

A Review of The Kremlin Conspiracy

If you follow Bible prophecy or listen to Bible prophecy teachers like Dr. Jimmy deYoung you know Russia is on the church radar right now. This book is extremely timely!

This was my first work by Joel Rosenberg and I had trouble putting it down. A series of very short chapters, it took several to develop a character in Russia, then suddenly jumped to the USA and spent the next several chapters developing another character in such a different environment that the expectation that the two must at some point come together was little more than a tease.  Rosenberg successfully leads you through at least half the book until that hunch is satisfied, but then only briefly at first.

One of the most entertaining aspects of this book was that it so closely mirrors what is going on the world right now. At times, I caught myself somewhat mixing current events with the developments in his novel.

The main characters were very easy to identify with, and I found it an exciting read.  I found myself often on the edge and Rosenberg has a knack for dragging the suspense out for several more pages once you think you know what is going to happen next. I plan on picking up a couple more of Rosenberg’s works.

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A Review of "In Places Hidden" by Tracie Peterson

In Places Hidden is set in San Francisco in the year 1905. While reading this book I feel like I really saw what it was like to live there at that time. The women characters were a mixture of the main character who was for women’s rights and education and her new friends who were more old school. Times were just beginning to change in that area.

You also saw the corruption in the politics of the era and this stood out against the Christian values of the main characters who freely talked about God and His will. The author, Tracie Peterson, did this very well. She was able to make it seem natural and I appreciate reading books with a Christian foundation.

On top of that – it was a good story.

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