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Sunday, April 01, 2018

A Review of The Kremlin Conspiracy

If you follow Bible prophecy or listen to Bible prophecy teachers like Dr. Jimmy deYoung you know Russia is on the church radar right now. This book is extremely timely!

This was my first work by Joel Rosenberg and I had trouble putting it down. A series of very short chapters, it took several to develop a character in Russia, then suddenly jumped to the USA and spent the next several chapters developing another character in such a different environment that the expectation that the two must at some point come together was little more than a tease.  Rosenberg successfully leads you through at least half the book until that hunch is satisfied, but then only briefly at first.

One of the most entertaining aspects of this book was that it so closely mirrors what is going on the world right now. At times, I caught myself somewhat mixing current events with the developments in his novel.

The main characters were very easy to identify with, and I found it an exciting read.  I found myself often on the edge and Rosenberg has a knack for dragging the suspense out for several more pages once you think you know what is going to happen next. I plan on picking up a couple more of Rosenberg’s works.

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