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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Out of the Generic Aisle

I saw a drama once called, “Christmas in a Grocery Sack” about two ladies: one in a business suit in a grocery store and one in blue jeans. The lady in jeans was saying that she was on her way to the Cooperative Christian Ministry for the third time that month and she was embarrassed, but what could she do? Her children needed diapers and they needed to eat.

The woman wearing the suit in the grocery store was in a hurry, but had stopped with a list of things CCM needed to hand out for the holidays: rice, beans, canned goods… she said she was in the generic aisle because she could get more for her money there.

The spotlight goes back to the lady in jeans who is saying, “I know they’ll give me diapers and rice at least, and probably creamed spinach – whose kids eat creamed spinach?”

The light returns to the lady in the generic aisle who is saying, “My kids wouldn’t touch this stuff.” Suddenly she stops, leaves the generic aisle and buys a turkey, cakes, snack food, mittens and toys.

Back to the lady in jeans who is pulling these items out of a grocery sack – her eyes wide with wonder and excitement and she is saying, “A turkey? Cakes? Toys? Why it’s Christmas in a sack!”

So many times we’re like the lady in the generic aisle. We think we’re being generous and doing what God expects us to do. Like the Pharisees we check off our lists. 1. Gave money to the poor. 2. Gave food to the needy. But, Jesus changed the woman’s heart and got her out of the generic aisle and on His path.

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