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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Why Is Justice So Important?

In order to understand the end times we need to understand justice. Isaiah 2:12 says, “For the Lord of hosts has a day against all that is proud and lofty, against all that is lifted up and high.”

The day of the Lord Almighty is the Day of Judgment when God will judge good and evil. When we study God’s word we see that God will lift up the humble, judge all people, destroy the wicked and bring all believers together to establish the new heaven and the new earth.

Why is justice so important in the Bible? First, justice is a part of God’s nature. It is the way He runs the universe. Second, it is the natural desire of every person. Even as sinners, we all want justice for ourselves. And third, when government and church leaders are unjust, the poor and powerless suffer. Then they are hindered from worshipping God. So, injustice attacks God’s children.

When we do nothing to help the oppressed we are in fact helping the oppressor. We shouldn’t just leave it to our country or church to carry out justice. Each individual must deal justly with people and situations. We are accountable to God. We need to be more concerned with the poor and powerless. Less self-serving and self-centered. Christ is described in Isaiah 11:2-5 as the perfectly fair judge. We are called to live by His example. God’s complete moral perfection is revealed by His hatred of all sin and this will lead to judgment. This same moral perfection is revealed in His love for all He has created and this leads to mercy. Mercy for sinners who put their trust in Jesus. We don’t have a chance with justice! We NEED mercy! And lucky for us God is also a God of mercy.

Although sin must and will be punished, for believers it already has been. Christ took on all sin and died for it. Because of this, we who believe are granted God’s mercy for Salvation. We don’t deserve it, but God loves us enough to give it to us. Our first step is realizing we need it. Our second is to ask for it!

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