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Thursday, December 07, 2006


In my Sunday School class this week we started talking about being politically correct and how people accuse Christians of Intolerance. They tell us how “un-loving” that is and as Christians we are supposed to demonstrate love.

I think what non-believers call intolerance is a great demonstration of love. We are telling people how to get to heaven! I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to go to hell. So I tell them the way and the only way to heaven.

How is that not love?

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At 9:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is one of my favourite subjects. People who accuse Christians of being intolerant, usually confuse tolerance with apathy or indifference.

When people say "I am tolerant of your beliefs / opinion / lifestyle," they usually really mean "I am indifferent because it doesn't really affect me, so as long as it continues to not affect me, you can do as you please."

Tolerance implies that you have thought about the other person's position and come to a conclusion that although you disagree, you will accept their right to have their opinion. (God wants us to come to him through our free will) Indifference or apathy requires no such thought process.

By definition then, Christians should be regarded as the most 'tolerant' people around. Surely as an extension of the 2nd Great Commandment (love your neighbour...) a Christian should think though the other person's position, and if it is in conflict with their own position as a Christian, accept their right to have their position. And then, in the context of love explain our perspective. That is true tolerance.


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