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Friday, December 01, 2006

It's not about me!

Is that what God keeps trying to tell me? Have I gotten that far on the road? The path of my Christian journey?

When I struggle with why things happen and why they aren’t the way I wish or dream they would be…maybe the only answer, what I’m suppose to be learning, is; it’s not about me!

Marital problems. Why can’t we solve them? We know God wants people to stay married, to have good and loving relationships – and still it isn’t perfect and easy. We come up against the same old things. Is God trying to remind us that He is bigger than our relationship? That we need to lose ourselves in His will? Put HIM first? THEN our spouse, and THEN ourselves? To be giving, loyal, generous, loving and not worry about getting?

In the world today it is so hard to be that way. Every book has a hero, every magazine an article about taking care of ourselves, every trophy or metal something to go after, every commercial tells us “we deserve it”!

But, God showed us in Christ that we are to be servants. What a relief it would be if we could get that right! No more competition with others. No more feeling like we’ve been let down or didn’t get what we deserved. No more anxiety about how, or whether, things will work out in our favor. Just a quiet sense of living life the way God intended. Looking out for others and loving Him more than we love ourselves.

One of the most important choices you make in life is your attitude!

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