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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Christian Book Review

This is a review of the book Mothering From Scratch: Finding the Best Parenting Style for You and Your Family by Melinda Means and Kathy Helgemo.

When I first found out I was expecting (over 20 years ago) I felt like I had joined a club. Women who were already moms started to treat me differently. Like now I was one of them. I didn’t realize how true that was until I read this book.

Clubs are usually made up of like minded people. And it seems like mothering follows a formula.

The authors of Mothering from Scratch, tell women that there is more then one way to do it and it depends on your gifts and personality and interests and background. That we shouldn’t compare ourselves to other mothers. And that we don’t have to be perfect.

They also talk a lot about raising children in a Christian home; believing that the mothering journey can be a strong catalyst for our Christian faith as moms.

I liked what they wrote here, “As moms, our first mission fields are our homes. We’re ministering to those closest to us – our family. Raising kids in a godly manner can contribute just as much to the world’s causes and concerns. Remember, every saint had a mother. We can never underestimate the impact we have on those who are watching us make difficult God-honoring choices as we raise our families. Our witness can be powerful, especially on young women who are observing godly examples of mothering.”

One more piece of advice they gave that hit home with me was, “Don’t let your kids’ accomplishments and opinions of you become the focus of your worthiness. Don’t expect your family to give you enough love or approval to fill you up. Focus on God.”

That is so important. How many moms are trying to be liked by their kids? When I was a kid there was a distinct difference between someone being your mom and someone being your best friend! The authors say, “Do what’s best for your children, not what’s best for your ego.”

At the end of each chapter there are questions to ask yourself and reflect on, followed by a list of ideas to work on.

This is a good book for someone about to have children or still have children living at home. I was given a copy by Bethany House to give an honest review of it.

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