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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Review of the book “An Insider’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare”

I expected more of Kristine McGuire’s personal story then she gave. But that may just prove what she says about people having an interest in the occult. Even Christians. She used to call herself a Christian witch.
In "An Insider's Guide to Spiritual Warfare" she tells us exactly what Spiritual warfare is: why we have it; and tracing it back to Satan's fall before Adam and Eve.
She points out that it's not just the big battles we see played out in history and on the news. It's what goes on in our own minds every day.
She says:
It is in the prayers we say or forget to say,
It is in the choice to be kind or hurtful.
It is in our work ethic or lack thereof.
It is in the people and relationships in whom we choose to invest or not to invest.
It is in the experiences, mundane or supernatural, we accept or deny.
It is in the causes we take up or reject.
Every day the battle wages.
What I took from this book was:
Because we are made in God's image, and as Christians are called to be like Christ, every time we show Him to the world we win a spiritual battle.
And every time we don't, by a choice we made, we lose.
She also does a great job telling the reader how to protect themselves by putting on God's armor. And I really liked the chapter where she gave examples of how to "pray back" scripture.
All in all a very helpful book.
*I was given a copy by Chosen Books for my truthful review.

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