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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Need to be a part of a Church Community

If we want to experience the life that God intends for us, there comes a point where we shift from being merely recipients of grace to being channels of grace to others…we no longer hold God’s love for ourselves, but find ways to share it with others…we stop being spectators and become participants in God’s transformation of the world.

Our individual calling is always a part of God’s mission for the church. We cannot fulfill our individual calling without being a part of a Christian community.

God chooses to accomplish His work through the lives of ordinary people. He blesses the world through the church.
The church is:
  1. More than another helping agency in the community.
  2. More than a body of like-minded people doing good things in this world by the combination of their human interests and talents.
  3. It is intended by God to be nothing less than the tangible expression of God’s rule and reign on this world.
  4. A divinely formed community of disciples, called into being by the spirit of God and energized by that same spirit to accomplish God’s work through God’s own plan.



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