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Sunday, January 25, 2015

What Methodists Believe About Worship

“Christian worship is where we declare that the risen Christ has overcome every power that would separate us and every evil that would destroy us. In worship we declare Jesus Christ over all.”

“As worship concludes we are sent forth into the world in the confidence of the risen Christ. The church gathered for worship becomes the church scattered for witness and service. To take the story we just heard in church of God’s love out into the world. We come in to prepare to be sent out.”

 “Our presence in Christian community and in corporate worship really matters. It matters to us because it is one of the essential practices by which we are formed into the likeness of Christ. It matters to others because our presence may be the gift that God uses to strengthen, encourage, challenge and bless our brothers and sisters in Christ. It matters to the world because it prepares us to become agents of God’s persistent love as we participate in God’s transformation of the world!

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