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Friday, January 23, 2015

SOAPY Method for Studying the Bible

The Bible does no good if we don’t pick it up. And the less time we spend on prayer, the more likely our relationship with Christ will stagnate, or worse, backslide.

There’s much in today’s culture that keeps us from slowing down to spend time with God and depend on Him. Busy life styles are praised. We’re told how to be self-reliant, successful. To put our needs and goals first. All of this is really opposite of the Gospel. It takes time and effort to develop a relationship with God.

SOAPY: (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer and Yield) is a way to reflect on the Bible using a journal.

  1. Read the passages and as you are reading take note of anything the Lord impresses on you as a personal word to be applied. Look for words of encouragement, direction or correction.
  2. When God has revealed a special lesson of life to you, write it down in a journal.
  3. Title the page
  4. Scripture: write down the verse you have chosen as a lesson for the day.
  5. Observation: write down what the lesson is for you that day.
  6. Application: write how this lesson applies to your life.
  7. Prayer: write a prayer to God concerning this lesson and your life.
  8. Yield: write what you must yield in your life for this lesson to become alive for you.
  9. Record the entry by date, scripture, topic, title and page in your Table of Contents page. Then pray.



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