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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Facing the Giants

I just saw quite possibly the best movie ever! If you haven’t seen Facing the Giants do yourself a favor. It’s inspiring, uplifting, a great story and gives God the Glory!

I won’t tell you too much of the story in case you haven’t seen it yet, but some thoughts I took away that are important are:

When the wife was told they couldn’t have children and they knew they couldn’t really afford to adopt, the husband asked her, “Will you still love God if we never have children?” – She tells God she will.

Never stop loving God!

For more then 6 years a blind man walked the halls of a Christian high school and prayed for each kid as he passed their locker. During one of the Bible classes a boy accepted Christ and then another and then the entire class started praying for each other – and as the coach watched he had a flashback of the man walking the halls praying.

Never never stop praying!

When a boy needed to kick a 51-foot field goal and had never kicked farther then 35 feet, he said it was impossible. The coach asked him if he believed God could use him to kick that far. The boy said, “Yes, if He wants to.” The coach replied, “Then you just do your very best and let God do what He wants with it. But, you have to do your best!”

Always do your best at everything because; it honors God, because it shows we know God can use us and it’s an attitude of expecting God to work through us.

And finally, until God sends you somewhere else – bloom where you are planted!

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