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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Everything is a Call

I keep asking for God’s “big call” on my life – what He wants me to do – what direction to go in – when in fact, everything I do should be a ministry.

Take time when someone wants to talk, use extra time for more Bible study or writing, smile, touch someone who needs that, pitch in, send a card or a note, make someone feel good, share God’s word, share your stuff, share yourself! Make things nice for someone! Give money. Say nice things only about people!

It may never be one call. The calls can be as numerous as the needs!

Lord, help me see every opportunity and respond to the needs around me.

God has planted me where I am. I need to look carefully for opportunities to serve Him here.

You can’t help everybody, but you can help a few. It’s that few that God will hold us accountable for.

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