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Sunday, November 19, 2006

God is bigger then our problems

There is a story in the 13th and 14th chapters of Numbers where the people are on the edge of the Promised Land and God tells Moses to send 12 men to “spy out the land of Canaan.”

One man from each tribe was sent out for 40 days. When they returned, ten of the men said that although the land did flow with milk and honey, the people who dwelled in the land were like giants and the cities too fortified. Only Caleb and Joshua suggested going in according to God’s plan.

The people wept and complained, saying they would have been better off dying in the dessert than having to face this, and made plans to pick a new leader to take them back to Egypt.

The ten spies compared the giants to themselves while Caleb and Joshua compared them to God. Moses prayed to God to forgive the people’s rebellion and in Numbers 14:20-24 God told Moses He would pardon the people, but "none of the men who had seen His glory and His signs would see the land He swore to give to their fathers and none of the men who despised Him would see it." Only “Caleb because he had a different spirit and has followed me fully” and in verse 30 “Joshua the son of Nun.”

So God made the Israelites wander the dessert another 38 years until that generation died out. The only two still alive to go in were Caleb and Joshua.

God doesn’t need much from us to accomplish His plan in our lives. Only a willing and trusting spirit. Focusing on our human predicament can paralyze us because the situation may appear humanly impossible. But, concentrating on God and His power will help us see the way out. We need to trust God. We need to know Him and His promises. When we face great problems, God has an opportunity to exercise His great power.

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