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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Review of the book Your Life Still Counts

Tracie Miles begins with her own story of a teenage abortion and the years of guilt and shame she experienced to show that God can bring good out of our past and that no matter what that past is, God can use it to give us a divine purpose for our life.

The author uses other women’s stories along with what ministries they have started or are participating in now, along with Bible stories to show the same thing.

At the end of each chapter she has homework for the reader meant to help her forgive herself, learn more about God’s grace and how He works, and what she can learn from the trial.

One of Tracie’s most helpful sections walks the reader through creating a timeline of her life so she can begin to see how God has been working all along.

As Tracie states in her introduction, “The past is not meant just to be survived and forgotten, but to help us become overcomers who can use our experiences to glorify God.”
*Bethany House sent me this book for my honest review

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