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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Full Armor of God by Larry Richards

I just finished reading Larry Richard’s new book, ‘The Full Armor of God’ and it changed most of what I thought about the book of Ephesians.

Ephesians has been called Paul’s book on spiritual warfare. Richards explained how Paul wrote the letter after he left Ephesus to reassure the young Christian church and tell them plainly how to defend themselves against the attacks of evil spirits who were armed with strategies devised by Satan himself. But then he brought spiritual warfare into the twenty-first century.

Many Christians today are ignorant of demons. They don’t realize that they might be the cause of their spiritual, emotional and even physical problems.

Today they are still active. But hidden. So Christians discount their influence. Paul knew this would happen and left this letter so we would recognize and combat demons. To recognize we need to realize Satan is trying to cripple believers to make them miserable and ineffective. And they are always looking for an open door to get in.

The author shows us how to recognize demons and demonic activity, how to look at our lives and see how we are “inviting them in”, how we can shut the door to them and also cast them out.

This is a fascinating and enlightening read. I was given a free copy to review, but was told my review could be good or bad so long as it was honest. I highly recommend this book.

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