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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Palm Sunday People? Or Easter People?

Today is Palm Sunday and our church didn’t mention it. My first thought was that that seemed a little odd. Every other church I’ve ever belonged to my entire life handed out palm leafs to the congregation.
My next thought was that I didn’t really want to celebrate it anyway because all those people in Jerusalem were hypocrites. Look what they did to Jesus at the END of the week!
But my last thought was: how true this is of all of us! We praise and worship Jesus all the time for what He might do. He might give us exactly what we are praying for. But then we turn against Him when He doesn’t do what we want.
They wanted an earthly king to get them out from under Roman control. What do we want? Health? A job? A fix to a relationship problem? More money?
We must focus on ONE thing that He did! He rose from the dead to conquer death and give us eternal life!
We must not be Palm Sunday people and certainly not Munday Thursday or Good Friday people. We must be Easter people! Now that’s something to celebrate!

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