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Monday, September 28, 2009

What Can One Woman Do?

I went to a women’s seminar Saturday morning at First Baptist Church in Hickory. The 2 speakers were Haven Parrott www.womenofhimfluence.com/ and Rudy Fulbright executive director and treasurer of WMU NC

The basic message is that as one woman faithfully following Christ you can make a difference.

Rudy gave practical tips of how Christian women should act and what they could be doing. We should have a spiritual kinship with each other. A servant attitude (more about service than the title.) We can use our money to help others, we can serve on boards of non-profits, go on mission trips, volunteer. A leader in church. A strong woman with a mothering spirit.

We can give all people dignity, love, respect and grace. And should willingly and gladly accept God’s call on our life.

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