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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jesus Christ Did It All

My husband thought he would save me time by using the electric trimmer on our hedge. I usually trim it by hand because the electric one chews up the leaves and they turn brown. But, I'm having a 4th of July party this Saturday and am way behind so I let him do it and hoped for the best!

I almost cried the next day when I looked at it. It was far more "chewed up" then I had ever seen it. I hauled out my small clippers and so far have spent 11 hours trying to make it look better!

While I was working I thought of all the other times I had hired someone to do something for me, or things John or my daughter had done. I couldn't think of one that I didn't have to go back and neaten up, fix up or pick up!

It was a depressing thought. But, it made me remember that Jesus did something for me. And it was perfect. And it was enough. And I don't have to add a thing to it!

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