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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hidden Secrets - Amazing Grace!

John and I went to see the movie Hidden Secrets tonight. It had some good moments, but I wonder why Christian films aren’t very good. They seem a little fake and not very quality. I once heard a Christian performer say that our movies, songs, books, etc. should be the best given whose on our side.

So I’m always a little disappointed.

But, there was one thought in this one that struck me. One of the characters couldn’t forgive herself for something she had done. She was a Christian and believed Jesus died for our sins, but she still felt that she was under His judgment and everytime something bad happened it was punishment for what she had done 10 years earlier. She said if she had committed a crime she would have had to go to jail; here on earth, in this lifetime; to pay for the crime, and she was in jail now because she couldn’t forgive herself.

I think many people are going through the same thing. In our minds we accept He forgives us because He chooses to. But, in our hearts we feel we need to pay for it ourselves.

At the end of the movie, the pastor at the church that was showing the movie prayed and then played the song Amazing Grace. And I thought – of course! It doesn’t make any sense! That’s why it’s amazing!

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