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Thursday, June 19, 2008

God Created Us, We Must Not Create God

I was teaching about the Bible being true and the inspired word of God and as I was finishing up working on the last lesson I heard Dr. David Jeremiah on the radio tell the story about when the Israelites were getting ready to move in to the Promised Land.

God told them to wipe out the different pagan groups who were there. Today we read that in the Bible and we can't understand why God would do that. But, the Israelites had been set apart by God. They were coming out of a long training period designed to make them Holy and God knew if they mingled with those pagans they would become more like them.

And the thing is, they didn't kill all the people. They got there and thought, "they aren't so bad, let's let some of them co-exist with us." And that's when Israel turned from loving God first and formost and above all else.

They not only disobeyed God, they started picking up on the pagan's ideas and views and mixing them with their own.

Today we have people who invent a God of their liking. They take traits of different religions and come up with something they can live with. That's not only wrong, but dangerous! Because it's made up!

As Christians, we have the Bible, and God tells us in there exactly what He's like and exactly what we are to do. And we need to share that with the world.

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At 7:09 AM, Blogger Brett Royal said...

you are right. When we take away characteristics of God that we don't like, we no longer know the God who is, but the god that we want. In effect, we create an idol.


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