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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Psalms

I’ve been reading a Psalm a day lately. So it will take me awhile to read all of them (150 days to be exact!)

But I came across this list about some of the Psalms that speak to different things going on in our lives:

To find comfort Psalm 23
To feel closer to God Psalm 103
To learn a new prayer Psalm 136
To learn a new song Psalm 92
To learn more about God Psalm 24
To understand yourself more clearly Psalm 8
To know how to come to God each day Psalm 5
To be forgiven Psalm 51
To feel worthwhile Psalm 139
To understand why you should read the Bible Psalm 119
To give praise to God Psalm 145
To know that God is in control Psalm 146
To give thanks to God Psalm 136
To please God Psalm 15
To know why you should worship God Psalm 104

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