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Friday, September 16, 2011

Feeding Your Soul

Last night The Institute for Faith and Learning at our local college brought in author/speaker Mark Yaconelli. He gave a program on our souls.

He said the world has so much noise that we don’t hear God or each other anymore. And we make shallow things important: what we wear, what we do and how we look. We weren’t born that way. We all were born with souls that know God.

So how do we allow God’s presence to move in our lives?

First, slow down. Hang on to your sense of wonder and awe. The journey matters! As children we wander off the path noticing flowers and bugs. We laugh and play. Then the world trains us to only see the goal. We’re told that what matters is what we accomplish. But our soul wants to watch the sunset!

We were given the Sabbath to take a day off: to read, to think, to dream, to reflect, to worship. To just receive the gift of life. Never feel guilty for taking that day!

Second our soul is compassionate. Let it come out. Be present for someone who is hurting. We don’t have to DO anything or be a Biblical scholar, just notice and care and love.

Third, the soul is the place in you that waits for joy. It knows that in the midst of darkness life is coming. That God has a plan and will bring a resolution. Even when it makes no sense.

Our soul knows this. Our true name, hidden in our soul, is beloved!

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