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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

How to Walk Consistently with God

My husband and I did another youth service with the kids on Sunday. We took thick white candles (lit) and formed a large cross on the floor. Then we had the kids sit at the foot of the cross.

I started with a story, which I’ve printed in this blog before: http://teachingsundayschool.blogspot.com/2007/01/trust-and-obey.html

Then said, “How do we consistently walk with God so that at the end of our lives we’ve had the kind of life God envisioned for us?

First: we seek God above all else. Let’s join together singing the hymn, Seek Ye First, the Kingdom of God

(John played it on the piano/ words were on power point)

2nd: Know that God is always present. He is with each of us all the time.

Power point responsive reading:

Leader: In this place
In this moment
God is present

All: A mystery of love

Leader: Around us
Within us
Above us
Beneath us
God is present

All: A mystery of love

3rd: Know the Bible. Read it every day. Memorize it! Share your favorite verses

At this point, I had had all the kids write their favorite Bible verses down and we passed around a flashlight so each read theirs. (I’ll share the verses and each kid’s age in tomorrow’s post – the variety is pretty cool.)

And 4th: The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. To keep the channel to God open at all times, so that we can ask for His guidance and directions in everything we do all day long. So that even when we don’t understand why some things happen, we acknowledge that He’s in charge and has a plan.

Played the video song below on the big screen: Bow the Knee


We ended with each kid picking up a candle and silently saying something to God, just from his or her heart to His and blowing out the candle.

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