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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Practical Steps to Increase Your Spirituality

I just finished teaching a class from the book Growing Your Soul – Practical Steps to Increase Your Spirituality By Neil B. Wiseman

This is a very good book, whether you want to just read it and apply it to your own life, or teach a Sunday School class from it.

It starts out saying that everyone is created with a hunger for holiness. A hole that only God can fill. It says this hunger intensifies as we grow because of:

- Moral erosion in society
- Technology, which not only isolates us from real relationships, but creates a “too busy, anxious” environment
- Good life seductions – a rush to succeed and keep up with everyone else
- Ceaseless motion – too many activities, not enough quiet time with God
- Shallow religion – the church is often failing people by not showing what Christianity can do.

Then the author talks about what we can do to make our lives Christ centered. He says that Christ-saturated living transforms common life experiences into moments of grace, ordinary events into adventures of possibility and power and life’s struggles become sanctuaries and sacraments of strength.

The book goes on to cover how to organize our lives around Christ, how music is a way to increase our spirituality, how God answers prayer and how to “do something wonderful every day.”

I don’t want to spoil the book for anyone, so that is just a tiny hint of what’s in there. If you were in my Sunday School class you would have heard about 3 hours from this book.

I do recommend it to anyone who wants to grow their soul and increase their spirituality.

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