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Friday, February 02, 2007

Thoughts from a few of my favorite authors

I’ve always loved what author Jan Karon says over and over in her books ‘The Mitford Series’
“Pray the prayer that never fails, trusting the one to whom you pray. Thy will be done.”

And this is from Dr. Tony Evan’s book, “The Best is Yet to Come.”
In the Christian race, we are not competing with others – we are running against the opportunities God gives us, not what He gives other Christians. Our rulebook is the word of God. If our Christian service conforms to God’s rules for sincerity, quality, motivation and discipline, we qualify for the prize.

Here’s something I heard Chip Ingram say on Christian radio:

What can I control? My attitude.
What can I do? Endure! Hang on!
What can I expect? That God will use it for good.
What’s the worst that can happen? That I’ll die and go to heaven!

Cry out to the Lord!

How we endure hardships shows our faith to the world.
Our problems can be vehicles for God’s glory – to show His work.
Do not become bitter – become better!
Become more compassionate. More like Christ.
Reconsider your priorities. Ask God what He wants to change in your life. How can you use your trials to show the world God’s work in your life?
By faith we can trust God and rejoice!

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