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Friday, February 16, 2007

10 Priorities for Christians

I just taught a lesson from the book, The Top Ten List for Christians (Priorities for faithful living) by James W. Moore.

It was a really enjoyable book to read, which also gave you a lot to reflect on and question yourself about. The author says this top 10 list is meant to help us get our priorities straight and encourage us to move into the future with faith, hope, love, joy trust and commitment so we can live purposefully and celebratively.

As Christians our priorities should:

1. Put love first. Always ask what is the loving thing to do? Always be grateful. Always be gracious (give people the benefit of the doubt – we never know what pain they may have.) Always be generous in our relationships.

2. Remember that hope is alive – Christ is with us. He has the power to heal our hurts. He shares His resurrection with us. We need to walk with Him daily.

3. Faith is up to us personally. We aren’t Christians just because our parents are or we go to church. We need to make a personal decision.

4. Live in the day and be grateful for it. Don’t live in the past. Don’t live in the future. Take every day, every step, one at a time.

5. Don’t deny your faith. This can be not speaking up for Jesus when you have the chance. Or acting in un-Christian ways.

6. It matters what you believe – so believe the truth! Cults and false religions lead many down the wrong path.

7. God is smarter then we are – trust Him! He sees the big picture. He knows what is best for us.

8. There are some roads we don’t want to go up – that includes dangerous spiritual roads. Selfishness, pride and ingratitude are all dangerous roads.

9. You do better when you try – work with what you are given. Don’t spend time thinking someone else was given more then you were. It will only make you bitter. Whatever God given gifts you have are enough to do something!

10. Christianity is a life we lead – not just a creed we profess. Living a Christian life makes us better right now! People should be able to see we are Christians by our actions.

I recommend you read the book to see this all explained and fleshed out. It is worth your time.

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