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Friday, November 03, 2006

Calories and Prophets

Back in Old Testament times when God’s prophets were alive and going about His work, they weren’t very well liked. The people didn’t like the prophets because they didn’t welcome the truth. The truth made them uncomfortable. It still makes us uncomfortable today. We prefer lies and illusions that make us feel more secure.

It’s kind of like counting calories.

If you are watching your diet and tracking calories in your mind each day, have you ever counted a piece of cake that you really knew was closer to 500 calories as 400 calories? Just because it MAY have been cut a tiny bit smaller or maybe the cook used skim milk instead of whole (even though you have no idea if they did or not!) Or have you ever taken a piece of candy from a bag and even though the calories were printed on the back, you didn’t turn the bag over to look? You just guessed……low! If you keep doing that you will gain weight.

If you keep lying to yourself about your relationship with God, you won’t have one! So really! What good does it do to kid yourself? It’s much better to face reality then to live a lie. ESPECIALLY when we are talking about things eternal….and calories!

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