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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Review of Keeping the Fire by Rolland Baker

Rolland Baker and his wife Heidi Baker are missionaries in Mozambique, Africa. One of my favorite books (which I'm reading for the 3rd time) is their devotional "Reckless Devotion" so I was really looking forward to reading this book: Keeping the Fire.

It's very good, but not as inspiring as the devotional.

Baker lists 5 ways for either a church or a person to "keep the fires of revival going"
1, Find God
2. Depend on Miracles
3. Go to the Least
4. Suffer for Him, if Necessary
5. Rejoice in the Lord

He gives examples in each chapter of things that have either happened to him or their ministry.

I totally agree these are all important, but it's not til the end that he wraps it up in "Jesus just wants a relationship with you." "He could dazzle the world with amazing miracles, but all He cares about is a relationship."

That I can totally agree with!

The Bakers are amazing people with an amazing ministry. I'd recommend this book if only to be inspired by lives that go all out for God.

Note - I was given this book by the publisher to review.

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