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Friday, June 12, 2015

How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible

"How to Enjoy Reading the Bible" is just what the title suggests. It’s a book that tells us how to enjoy reading our Bible.

Actually the author wants us to fall in love with God and His Word and gives us ten tips to do to make that happen.

Author Keith Ferrin says, “When people are asked why they read the Bible, the typical replies are: ‘It’s an opportunity to know God’s Will,” or “I find encouragement there,” or It’s what I’m supposed to do,” or “It’s God’s Holy Word,” or “It’s how I know what God wants me to do.”

He says, “Most people don’t say, “to hang out with God” but Jesus doesn’t just want us to know about Him, He wants us to know Him.

In his tips, Ferrin spells out in detail different ways to read the Bible. All the way through in four months. Read one book over and over and over again for a period of time. Read the Bible in chronological order. (He gives that order in the back of the book.

And he tells the benefits of doing each way.

This book will make you want to pick a plan and pick up your Bible. It’s very inspiring!
You’ll want to keep it with your Bible.

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