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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Book Review of The Pleasure of His Company

"The Pleasure of His Company, A Journey to Intimate Friendship with God" is a wonderful book by Dutch Sheets.

The author shows that God desires a close relationship with us, but that we have to know Him first. I love how Sheets describes Jesus:

Words are inadequate to describe Christ’s attributes, abilities, intellect and accomplishments. He was, and is, breathtaking yet calming, all-powerful but gentle, unsearchably wise though humble, and awe-inspiring while completely approachable. Perfection defines Him, intrigue surrounds him and eternity is in Him.

He is boundless love, everlasting joy, and the Prince of Peace. Oxymorons are necessary to describe Him, since He is God-man, both human and divine. Incredibly, He’s the Ancient of Days, is forever new, and exists in a perpetual now. His nature contradicts every natural law of time, space, and physics. He is the paradox of all paradoxes, and yet in Him there is no duplicity or inconsistency. When a famous leader named Moses asked Him His name, He simply said, “I AM.” Whatever you need, I AM is. Words fail.

Young people and old, male and female, rich and poor, moral and immoral – they all found Jesus interesting. He was so magnetic and gentle in His personality that children loved and trusted Him. He was so genuine and caring at heart that immoral women confessed to Him their sordid and painful pasts. On one occasion, a shamed prostitute found deliverance, cleansing, self-worth and destiny as she bathed Christ’s feet with her tears. But He was so overpowering in his masculinity and multifaceted in His gifts that both intellectual businessmen and coarse, tough fishermen left their careers at His simple invitation to “follow Me.”

Grown men fell before Jesus in worship and anointing oil worth thousands of dollars was poured upon His feet. A multitude of men, women and children – yes children – sat for days at a time listening to Him teach. Families loved having Him in their homes, men liked hiking and camping with Him and scholars enjoyed picking His brain – when He was only 12 years old!

Many more books have been written concerning Him than about any other person and people sit for hours writing songs about Him. Storms obeyed His commands. His spit healed blind eyes and His touch cured leprosy. He walked on water and through walls. He turned water into wine and multiplied by thousands a few fish and loaves of bread. He raised the dead. Demons fled from Him. When He died the sun stopped shining and the earth shook. Death however didn’t hold Him and His resurrection was so powerful it spilled over onto other dead people, raising them from the dead! His eyes are like fire; his voice is like a waterfall. Angels worship Him; rulers cast their crowns at His feet. He created everything…with just His words. And He keeps the universe operating in perfect order …with just His words.

The book is like a warm hug. It’s also a kick in the pants to do our part. In another chapter Sheets writes, “Being a part of God’s household, having a church home, or being in a family where God is served and honored is important and wonderful, but not enough. Sooner or later you’ll need to graduate from His house to His face; from knowing Him as someone else’s God to experiencing Him as your own. Only then will the promise of His company in heaven become the pleasure of His company here on earth. Don’t wait another day.”

This book is a wonderful tool for Christians and you will want to keep the prayers at the end of each chapter close by to pray often.

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