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Monday, February 03, 2014

My Review of the Book, 'Seeing the Voice of God. What God is Telling You in Your Dreams.'

I wanted to read this book because I was interested in finding out if my dreams really are God talking to me. (Instead of my mind sorting out my day like I’d always thought.)

In the beginning of the book the author goes into great (and interesting) detail about sleep, the types of sleep and what is happening in the body during each sleep cycle, what effects your quality of sleep, and even lists supplements needed for better sleep. This part is very well researched and covered.

The parts that sort of bothered me were where she tied her illness into the trouble all of her town Nashville was in (spirit wise). And I'm not saying I doubt her waking visions, but she does have epilepsy, so part of me wonders that that may be the cause behind them. And I felt her ending of each chapter where she prays for the reader and asks him or her to hold their hand out to receive the "impartation" was too new agey.

I will keep the book for the supplement information and also the huge list of items you might dream about and the meanings of each. But I’m not convinced every dream is God speaking to us. (Or even most dreams.)

I really appreciated one thing she said about prayer though: "Some people have never been taught to sit still long enough to practice God's presence, but if you will wait on God, you will notice a change in your spirit. It may not be in that moment of worship and you may be tempted to think it is wasted, but it is not. In fact, what happens as you sit there in prayer is that you make a deposit into yourself and into your inner man (or woman). Tomorrow or the next day or the next, when you are presented with a situation in which an immediate decision must be made, you instantly will be able to make a withdrawal and choose rightly. There will be a sudden wisdom that you cannot explain, or a "knowing" about how you should proceed. It came from God, and it came while you sat with Him and - by faith - allowed Him to pour His divine nature into you."

*I was given this book by Chosen Books to review.

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