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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Do What Jesus Did

I have read hundreds of Christian books and love most of them. There was something special about Pastor Robby Dawkin’s new book "DoWhat Jesus Did" though. New thoughts, new challenges, new explanations.
Robby says that we Christians think we are following Jesus when we work in the Soup Kitchen, help out in the nursery, prepare a meal for a sick friend, etc. But he says, "Look at what Jesus DID!" He healed the sick, He caused the lame to walk, He drove out demons. And Robby shows us that as Christians we have Christ's power in us to do the same.
We have to take risks to do that though. The woman with the issue of blood for 12 years came up to Jesus and touched His robe, the centurion told Jesus He didn't have to even come to his house to heal his servant. "Just say the word." Jesus told the lame man to pick up his mat and get up. We can't just ask God to equip us. We need to start! Take the step forward when you sense His prompting and He'll make you able. Robby stresses over and over that the people God used in the Bible weren't "special". They were available!
He does a wonderful job with his practical tips and the stories he tells about his personal experiences are mesmerizing!
At the end is maybe his most practical advice. He writes, “The thing is to press in, and to keep pressing in and pressing up. Keep seeking His presence. Seek His presence when no one’s watching. Let it infect every part of who you are – in the character choices you make, what you do with your girlfriend or boyfriend, how you speak to your spouse, the way you treat the guy at the DMV. Keep on blessing people who disagree with you and attack you. Trust me, if you think those kinds of challenges will go away the more Kingdom stuff you do, you couldn’t be more wrong! But it’s so worth it. The joy is there – the unbelievable privilege of being friends with such a cool God and being someone He shares His secrets with. It honors Him so much when we keep pressing in to the things of God.”
Chosen Books sent me a free copy to review and I highly recommend this book! It's exciting and a joy to read!

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