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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Who are the Palestinians? And why do they hate the Jews?

Night three of the Prophecy Conference:

On the 20th of September the Palestinians are going to the United Nations to declare their Palestinian state. There has never been one before. And they want it to be in Jerusalem.

On May 14, 1948 the United Nations allowed the Jewish people to have a state. 500,000 Jews established Israel. Within an hour they were surrounded by about 2 million Palestinians, who attacked.

The Palestinians had sent their wives and children across the Jordan thinking they’d come back after they defeated the Jews. But that didn’t happen, so 70% of the area across the Jordan is made up of Palestinians.

Yasser Arafat came in to that area to form terrorist groups to go after the Jews. Fatah was his organization and PLO was a group of organizations he put together. Eventually he was driven into Jordan where he tried to overthrow King Hussein. The king killed 10,000 Palestinians in one day. Arafat then took his people and went to Lebanon first and then Tunisia.

In September of 1993 he went to the White House to sign the Oslo accords peace treaty between he and Israel. Then Arafat came back into Israel, first to Jericho where he built a palace, but then decided he really needed to be in the Gaza strip where so many Palestinians were.

The Palestinians control the Temple mount, which we saw in yesterday’s post has a long and strong Jewish history.

The story of the feud between the Jews and the Palestinians goes all the way back to Genesis 25:19-25 when the twins Jacob and Esau struggled in Rebekah’s womb. God’s plan was always for the elder (Esau) to serve the younger (Jacob) and he told Rebekah that. But she and Jacob plotted and connived to steal Isaac’s blessing to Esau anyway.

Esau said he would kill Jacob for stealing his birthright and his descendents have been trying to do that ever since!

In 1st Samuel 15 King Saul was told to kill all the Amalekites and their animals. (The Amalekites were descendents of Esau) But Saul didn’t and on that day he lost his authority as king. Every personality in the Old Testament who ever wanted to kill the Jews was also a descendent.

In the New Testament, Herod the Great who killed all the baby boys trying to kill the King of the Jews, was also a descendent. There were even descendents from Bosnia fighting with the Germans in World War II. In more modern times? Yasser Arafat and Suddam Hussein.

Satan uses the Palestinians because he wants every Jew dead. If he can do this that means that God’s promises to the Jews won’t be fulfilled, which would make Him a liar.

These promises are found in the four covenants that the Lord made with the Jewish people down through the years. The first was the "Abrahamic Covenant", Genesis 12 made to Abraham that God would make him a great nation through the "sons of promise", Isaac and Jacob.

The "Land Covenant", Deuteronomy 30 is the eternal for the Jews and the "land" that God will give them at the time of the Kingdom.

Speaking of the Kingdom, it is to be an eternal Kingdom, headquartered in Jerusalem with the Messiah, Jesus Christ on the "throne" in a "Temple" on the Temple Mount, as promised by the "Davidic Covenant", 2 Samuel 7

The "New Covenant" is given, not to the Church, but to the Jewish people, Jeremiah 31:31, and it will be fulfilled when the Lord puts His Word in the hearts of the Jews and they become His people and God becomes their God.

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