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Sunday, April 05, 2009

God's Guidance

God still speaks to His people. He speaks to us in 3 distinct ways:

1. His Word (The Bible)

A Christian leader, Paul Little, once said, “Ninety percent of God’s will for your life has already been revealed in His Word.” The Bible gives specific instructions for most of the areas of our life. It teaches us about what our character and conduct should look like. It gives direction for making wise career choices, choosing a spouse, loving that spouse, raising children, handling finances, growing spiritually, caring for our body, making our life count for Christ, etc. etc.

We need to be committed to knowing the Bible. We need to read the Bible daily. And before we open it we need to pray for God’s guidance and teaching for what we are about to read.

2. The Holy Spirit

Sometimes we ask things like should I go to college or start a career? Should I marry this particular person? Then God gives us direction through the Holy Spirit. That’s one of His jobs: guidance. Sometimes He will make us feel unsettled until we do something. Usually what we’ll do then is start praying. Asking for God’s direction. When we start listening and then acting on what God tells us He will start to give us a feeling a peace about the decision.

3. His people

There is great wisdom in seeking insight and counsel from other followers of Christ. Listen to them. Ask their advice.

True fulfillment only comes when we are doing what God has planned for us.

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