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Sunday, December 02, 2007


Advent started today and our church had a beautiful service. At the end our minister told us the world was in the Merry Christmas mode, but for the church - “not yet.” We are in the waiting mode. In the season of Advent, anticipating Christ’s coming.

Here’s what our bulletin said about lighting the first advent candle today.

So today we light the first candle of Advent. The candle of Hope. This candle glows with a radiant faith in God; out of that faith grows hope. The light of hope shone in the Bethlehem star and shines upon us today in spite of insecurity, poverty, disease and conflict. The light chases away despair and doubt and reminds us of God’s good purposes for the world.

Prayer: O God, as we enter the Advent season, show us how we can prepare ourselves for the coming of Christmas. Open our minds and our hearts that we might receive the loving spirit of Christ. As his spirit fills our lives, help us to live so that we will serve as reminders of hope that He brings. Amen.

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