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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Prayer for our church’s contemporary service

This is a prayer my husband wrote for one of our services.

Gracious Heavenly Father, Awesome and Almighty God -

We gather in your house as members of Your family this morning to worship You, and praise You together.

Father we confess that we many times try and take credit for all the good things that happen in our lives while seeking blame for each of our struggles. Placing ourselves always at the center, we go from pride to paranoia and back again.

We take your infinite presence and love for granted, and often turn to you only in time of need or confusion; in desperation instead of familiarity and trust. Forgetting that You are the creator, in all things, and all things in You.

And Lord, in all our trials and triumphs, pain and pleasure, jealousy and joy, you are there with us through all of it.

You listen and answer each and every prayer, even when our hearts are broken and imperfect. You will not run from a cry, yet are close enough to hear a whisper, or even a thought.

You are there to comfort us, to carry us, there to celebrate with us, and there to receive our praise in all ways and for all things.We lift up our prayers to You Oh God in confidence. We lift every thanksgiving, every concern, and especially our desire to become ever closer to the likeness of your perfect and holy Son Jesus Christ, through whose holy name we pray.


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