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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jonathan Martin in Concert

Today John and I visited The First Church of God in Hickory because Jonathan Martin was doing the service. He was wonderful. His songs were beautiful and meaningful and what he talked about in between spoke right to me.

One of the things he said was about how we all have good and bad in our lives. Mountain top experiences and times down in the valley. And he said that we won’t stay in either of those places. And that for every valley there are two mountains. But, when you look at the really tall mountain tops that are snow capped you see that nothing can grow up there. It’s down in the valley where the rivers run and vegetation grows.

I thought that was beautiful.

He ended by saying, “God has you right where you are suppose to be. Praise Him in the good and bad. Praise Him all the time.”

Here’s Jonathan’s website if you’d like to see more about him.




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