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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More thoughts on Just Like Jesus

Just a few more thoughts on Max Lucado’s book “Just Like Jesus”. He talks about how important it is to listen to God first hand. We shouldn’t depend on our pastor’s interpretation or Christian radio or Christian books.

In order to do this we should have a regular time and place set aside for prayer. And we should have an open Bible because God speaks to us through His word. Also we need to come with a listening heart prepared to put into practice what we hear God say.

I love this quote from his book, “We know we are listening to God when what we read in the Bible is what others see in our lives.”

Another good point he makes in this book is that God is always with us. He says, “We are always in the presence of God. We never leave church. There is never a nonsacred moment! His presence never diminishes. Our awareness of His presence may falter, but the reality of His presence never changes.”

He suggests practicing the presence of God: really working at feeling God with you at all times and communing with Him all day. The more time we spend with someone, the more we begin to think and act like them.

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