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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Praying Through the Tough Times

Lloyd John Ogilvie wrote a wonderful book called Praying Through the Tough Times.

This is one of the prayers from this book that would be a great start to everyone’s day:

“Fill me with Your grace and make me a cheerful person who makes others happier because I am with them. Make me a blessing and not a burden, a lift and not a load, a delight and not a drag. It is great to be alive! Help me make a difference because of the difference You have made in me. I dedicate this day to You. It is by Your permission I breathe my next breath. Help me be grateful. I choose to respond to You and commit myself to You. Help me glorify You with each task, thought and word and do my work with excellence to please You. May whatever I do, in word or deed, be to praise You.”

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