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Monday, November 13, 2006

Kyle Matthews

This has been a great weekend! Last year we went to hear Kyle Matthews in concert at a local church. At the time I had never heard of him, but I recognized a lot of songs that the newspaper write up said he had written.

You’ve all heard “You had me at hello”? Well, he had me at the first note!

Kyle is not only an amazing pianist and songwriter, but also a great speaker and just a warm, caring individual who wants people to know Jesus.

The reason this weekend was so great for me is – he was back! In concert Saturday night with a reception following and then on Sunday morning he led worship at another church.

We went to both events and if there had been more we would have been there too!

The following is a little of what cm central.com wrote about Kyle in their Artists data base:

To Kyle, songwriting has always been about communicating God's truth to other people. It's about combining his love for scripture and his love for music in a way that provokes deeper questions and leads people to see for themselves just what it is that God has in store for them. When other artists look for songs that are filled with emotional depth and theological insight, they turn to Kyle.

Kyle is driven by motivating other people to be surprised by God, to experience all that God is and has for them. He has a heart for ministry and an incredible talent for songwriting that combine in an artist who evades significance for himself, in order to point to the true Source of significance.

Kyle also believes service is the natural outcome of a believer’s life.

“Service is pretty much the crux of how I can call people to meet Christ. It's a place I know they can find him. It's a place I've been. It's a place I still want to go and be. And so, I feel like part of my call as an artist is to be a servant and to call people to serve.” Kyle says. “We live in such a blessed culture. Still, it's easy to get stuck asking God to fill your cup, longing for more from Him, when there's basically no more room in your cup for Him to put anything in. He's waiting for us to pour it out to others, so that He can give us more.”

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