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Monday, October 23, 2006

One Way

It concerns me when I hear people say, “So and so isn’t a Christian, but he is such a good person I’m sure God will take care of him somehow after he dies.” (!)

Last December my daughter was finishing up her first semester in college and we were discussing what grades she might expect. I said, “Well, Freshman Leadership should be an easy A, right?”

She said, “I think so, but the professor told us we had to go to 15 clubs and events around campus and write about them and it’s really stupid so I’ve only done 11.”

I said, “Britt! He’s the professor! Long before you ever stepped foot in his class he decided what it would take to get an A! And he told you and he probably wrote it down! If you don’t do it that’s stupid!”

We have a God who long before we ever set foot on the earth, long before there was an earth, decided what it would take for us to spend eternity with Him. And He told us and He wrote it down.

Brittany ended up getting a B+ in that class, which is ok for school, but when we’re talking about Heaven and hell, there won’t be any B’s or C’s or D’s. It’s going to be A or F/Pass or Fail.

If you know of anyone who is on the path to failure, it is your job as a Christian to tell him or her what you know. Ask God for the opportunity and the courage to share with everyone you can. And thank Him that He did prepare a way for us to go to Heaven. And that it isn’t even that hard: we don’t have to go to school, write papers or take tests. We just have to believe that His Son is who He said He is and He did for us what we know He did.

Knowing God is the meaning of life…and it is the completion of all the changes He is making in your life.

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