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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Review of Quick Tips for Busy Families

I just finished reading Jay Payleitner's book Quick Tips for Busy Families

This isn't a normal parenting "how-to" book. The author has five children and he has written down 144 tips he's used in the past that he thinks other parents will benefit from.

What I liked about the book is, first his humor. And he seems like a really good and engaged dad.

There were some tips I'd like to try, some I HAVE done or do all the time,and some that weren't that great.

Most tips are only a page long, some a page in a half, so it's easy to pick the book up for short periods of time.

It's entertaining and worth the read. Just know that while you might get a few ideas to try it's not going to give you a blue print of how to raise good kids and actually the title doesn't promise that. Most people and other reviewers look at the cover and assume that, but really it's mainly just how to connect with your kids when everyone is living busy lives.

I was given this book by Bethany House for my honest review.

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