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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mediterranean Cruise Group Travel Opportunity

Here's another port we'll be visiting on the Mediterranean Cruise meant to entice you to join us! 

Cruise ships dock at the Port of Piraeus, about seven miles from Athens. An important port since antiquity, it's actually made up of three harbors: Megas Limani is where cruise ships come in. The harbor is located right in the center of Piraeus and there are plenty of low-key diversions there: shops, some upscale boutiques and some offshoots of chains like Britain's Marks and Spencer, the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus and plenty of tavernas.

But we will want to see the famous city of Athens, Greece, the birthplace of civilization.

If you don’t want to do an excursion (although if you’ve never been to Athens before this is one place you should) you can take the metro into the city for about 1.40 euro each way. Once you're in Athens, you'll find it a wonderfully walk-able city. You’ll want to see the Acropolis and the iconic Parthenon (perhaps the region’s most recognizable historic monument.) Athens is a city of neighborhoods all pretty much centered around these two national treasures.

Start at Syntagma Square in Athens Central (where you can also watch the changing of the guards every hour on the hour – where else can you see guys carrying guns wearing skirts with pompoms on their shoes!), from there, wander into my two favorite neighborhoods; the Plaka, (in the shadow of the Acropolis Plaka is like a village within the city), and Varvakios, which is the home of a huge food market for any foodies coming along. The neighborhood surrounding the Kotsa Plaza is a "locals" part of the city -- it's also the sight of some ancient ruins, such as coffins, which were dug up by developers by mistake. The developers were then required to stop digging, but the coffins were just left there! The plaza itself has lovely, lush gardens.

Make sure to check out Ermou Street off Syntagma which has designer goods and boutiques. For souvenirs and handicrafts, there is a flea market street off Monastiki and the Plaka area as well.

Here’s something for you to work on between now and April; when entering shops and restaurants, it's considered polite to say "kalimera" (kal-ee-meh-ra) for good morning, "kalispera" (kal-ee-speh-ra) for when it's not morning, and "efharisto" (ef-har-is-to) for thank you.

For all pricing and info see:

We've only got several more weeks where I can sell from this block of cabins. After that the price goes up. We'd love to have you join us!

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