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Saturday, August 11, 2012

5 Characteristics of a Christian

A missionary, Shannon Hurley, preached at our church last week on Hebrews 11. Toward the end of his sermon he listed 5 characteristics of a Christian:

  1. A person who confidently lives in the light of the Word of God. (We believe because God says so! And if we know that what God says will happen it motivates our life.)
  2. A person who lives for Heaven. (We are strangers and exiles on earth. Our reward is in Heaven!)
  3. A person who abstains from sin. (A Christian runs from sin because we know the pleasure of sin makes us miserable.)
  4. A person who chooses to suffer. (We speak the truth not caring what people think about us. And we bear others’ burdens. We also give up our time to help in the church and the community.)
  5. A person who lives a radical and exciting life. (We see God do what is humanly impossible!)



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