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Sunday, November 14, 2010

You Alone

Pastor Kurt Gebhards gave a sermon on Philippians 4:14- 19 today and while the whole thing was (as always) inspirational and great, there was one part I just loved!

In this passage Paul is writing to the Philippians, thanking them for their support. At the end of verse 15 he wrote, “you alone” or in some translations, “you only”. No other church had entered into a partnership with Paul in giving and receiving.

Pastor Kurt encouraged us to act like we were the only ones helping. Because maybe we might be! We need to be the one who gives, who has integrity, who is kind, who speaks up for Christ, who picks up after someone, who’s not selfish or lazy. We need to be generous in attitude, with our time and with our money.

He suggested three ways we can be a “you alone” type person:

1. Care from a compassionate heart. Does your heart beat for the needs around you?
2. Consider your circumstances. Be on the look out for needs around you.
3. Cultivate ministry “fast twitch”. Be on the job and immediately be the first to help and serve. Remember people’s names; showing that you care. Be a blessing to everyone you come into contact with.

Don’t wait for anyone else to act this way first. Do it, even if you do it alone!

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