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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stay Alive All Your Life - Part 10

Chapter 12 – Peace of Mind – A Source of Power and Energy

When we control our emotions we have power. A nervous, excited mind cannot produce orderly thought processes. The author quotes someone who said, “Real power to meet life is developed in those deep centers of inner quietness where the soul and the mind meet God.” Make room for silence in your life. A life with a peaceful center can weather all storms and develop great strength.

This is not a very quiet world. Lawn mowers, airplanes, things that ring, beep and talk to you! No wonder everyone’s stirred up all the time. We are over tense, high strung, competitive people. We’re rushed and get angry. No wonder heart attacks are a major killer.

Even though God can give us peace, we have to DO it ourselves (if that makes sense!) Get in a quiet place. Picture a peaceful place. Like a squirrel hoarding nuts, store up moments of happiness and triumph so that in a crisis you can draw on those memories for help and inspiration.

You can also picture yourself responding calmly to a problem.

And don’t nurse a grievance. Let it go! Dr. Peale says it’s not worth the emotional effort. Live in harmony with God’s teachings and you will gradually build up a strong consciousness to His presence and you will have a peace that nothing can shatter.

He ended this section with a little chart of how to have peace of mind.

1. Conserve your energy: don’t race your motor. Don’t rush! Work, eat and play leisurely. Don’t get overtired at work or play. Be moderate in all you do. Do not take on unimportant, burdensome tasks.
2. Stay calm and serene. The past is past. Do your best today and let it go at that. Do not worry about tomorrow. Most worries never come to pass. Put your trust in God and forget all fear. He has a plan for you and in such a situation – who can be against you?

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