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Friday, March 13, 2009

Youth Service

Here's an idea for a short youth service we did last Sunday. We meant to do this the first Sunday of Lent, but people were snowed in!

We created a cross of fat white candles on the floor. One candle per youth and not lit. We had the kids sit in a semi circle at the foot of the cross.

I passed out a piece of paper and pen to each youth and asked them to write one attribute of God on it. Example: Holy. I told them they would not be reading their own, so please have it come from the heart. When everyone was done I collected those in a basket.

I pass out another piece of paper and asked them to write something that God has done.
Example: created puppies. Again reminding them to really think about it and they wouldn't be reading their own outloud.
I collected these in another basket

Then I had each youth draw one of the papers from the first basket. One at a time a youth would say "God you are (and then read the attribute that the paper said) As they did this we lit one candle. The whole cross was lit when they had finished reading the attributes.

Then we passed out the papers from second basket. Each youth said “God thank you for (and read from paper)

When that was done I had the youth bow their heads and silently think about how worthy God is and what they would like to do for Him this Lenten season. Once they had thought of something they quietly get up and blew out a candle.

When everyone was again sitting I closed with this prayer. “Lord, You are more than worthy to Love and Worship. Help us to grow closer to You this Lenten season and glorify You in all we do. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen."

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