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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Minstry with Others - Part 4

The Ephesians encouraged Apollos to help Christians elsewhere and supplied him with letters of recommendation. He went off to Corinth where he was warmly received. So warmly, infact that for a while the believers were divided. Some liked Paul’s style of preaching and some Apollos’ and they actually argued about who was best. But, Paul quickly put an end to this telling them they weren’t following Paul or Apollos, but Christ.

Paul wrote his letter, 1st Corinthians from Ephesus in response to distressing reports he heard. The church, which Paul had started, sent a letter to Paul with a glowing report of the spiritual gifts they were receiving and wonderful things they were hearing, but they also asked several questions related to church life and Christian faith that made Paul realize they were “puffed up” over their so-called “wisdom”, talents and what they believed was spiritual maturity.

Their questions were of minor importance and totally blind to gross sins, that if continued, would bring spiritual ruin to any church. So he wrote them a letter, which became 1st Corinthians.

His letter covered things like:

1.Their grave dissensions over personalities brought about by pride (chapters 1-4)
2.Outrageous gross immorality (chapter 5)
3.Lawsuits between Christians brought before pagan judges (chapter 6)
4.He answers questions about marriage (chapter 7)
5.Food offered to idols (chapter 8-10)
6.Church worship and communion (chapter 11)
7.Spiritual gifts (chapter 12-14)
8.Resurrection of the body (chapter 15)

People get puffed up over learning scripture, head knowledge, and totally neglect the basic principles of knowing God’s wisdom and will, especially in regard to moral conduct and ethical principals. Doctrinally, they had received much yet their lives were so far from right Paul called them immature, worldly babes.

When God calls us to be His children He calls us to live lives according to our place in Christ and His call empowers us to do this.

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