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Thursday, January 17, 2008

God Is Looking for Someone Just Like You

Bill Hybels who wrote the book, ‘God Is Looking for Someone Just Like You’ said something that really spoke to me about finding your purpose in life. He said that while as Christians, many things will bother us; we aren’t all called to do all things. But, there will be one thing that reaches out to us and grabs us by the throat, or “wrecks” us.

Here’s what he said: The reason why it is so critical for you to dig in and figure out what it is that wrecks you is because you may be the one person God is looking for in order to reverse some ugly and destructive trends in your generation. In fact, when you find yourself standing on the sacred ground of your burning-bush experience, don’t be surprised if you hear God say, “This is why I made you and why I wired you up like I did! This is why I allowed the mountain-top, reason-for-rejoicing times in your life, as well as why I let the pits of despair sneak in. None of your tears of anguish will be wasted; I plan to use every ounce of what you’ve been through for good in this specific area. I know you are devastated by the same problem that grieves me, and I just happen to have in mind someone exactly like you to help me solve this!”

I can’t wait to hear God say that to me someday!

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